• Nanjing announced on the 28th that, currently there are 4 high-risk areas and 42 medium-risk areas in the city. Public places like KTV, cinemas, museums and Real estate sales offices are now closed

According to the statement from Health Commission of Jiangsu Province, 47 new COVID confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic case were reported in Nanjing on 27th.

And a total of 155 confirmed local cases have been reported (153 confirmed cases and 2 asymptomatic cases) in Nanjing so far.

In addition to the 16 cases from other provinces that are linked to the Nanjing epidemic, the total local cases has increased to 171 people.

Nanjing: Daily diagnosed cases hit a record, the possibility of further spread is great, the expert said

On the morning of the 27th, Nanjing confirmed it was the "Delta" strain that caused the epidemic. At present, it is highly suspected the infection was initially caused by the inadequate self-protection of airport cleaning staff during the disinfection and cleaning process after the arrival of international flights, which then forms a cluster of transmission among cleaning staff, and then spreads to other airport staff and passengers. The initial infection time should be around July 10. At present, Nanjing has completed two rounds of nucleic acid testing. A virology expert analyzed that, according to observations on the Guangzhou and Ruili epidemic, some infected cases could still be detected after 2-3 rounds of nucleic acid testing. The current epidemic situation in Nanjing should still be on the active status, and subsequent cases may continue to be found in the following nucleic acid testing. Nanjing announced on the 28th that, currently there are 4 high-risk areas and 42 medium-risk areas in the city. Public places like KTV, cinemas, museums, and Real estate sales offices are now closed.

Local cases are spreading in 10 cities of 5 provinces

Here is the list of cases in different provinces.

One more country to implement centralized quarantine before boarding

To avoid potential risk of importing cases, the Chinese Embassy in South Africa and Air China have decided that, a pre-boarding quarantine management will take place for those who take Air China flight CA868 from South Africa to China All passengers must follow the procedure: (1) On the 14th day before boarding (excluding the day, the same below, namely Wednesday), strict self-isolation at home will be started. (2) On the 6th day (Thursday) before boarding, passengers should take testing at the designated inspection agencies.

(3) Those who tested negative for the first time and get test certificate, could check in at the Peermont Metcourt Hotel, Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on the 4th day (Saturday) before boarding, and take central quarantine until the day of departure.

(4) After the centralized quarantine is completed, the passengers must undergo a second test at the quarantine hotel 24 hours before boarding (Tuesday), and those who are tested negative will be arranged to go to the airport directly.

Credit to Source: Onetube Daily

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