The Announcement was Issued by the AmCham China

On August 19, 2020, according to the American Chamber of Commerce in China, a charter flight will depart from San Francisco to Beijing around September 12,and once this first chartered flight arrives as planned, more flights will be arranged in the future.

The Announcement Issued by the AmCham China

Who Can Take the Flight?

So, who can take the flight to China? Below are the specific requirements.

  • An applicant or his/her employer must be a member of AmCham China, otherwise, they need to join in first, which will be easy and fast;

  • The applicant must obtain a valid re-entry visa before boarding;

  • The work place of the applicant must be Beijing.

  • An invitation letter (often referred to as PU letter) from a Beijing local government entity is required.

It’s worth noticing that if an applicant meets all the above-mentioned requirements, his/her family will also be entitled to take the flight.

Things You Need to Know About PU Letter – FAQ

Below are answers to six essential questions about the PU letter.

Q1: Who can apply for the PU letter?

A1: A foreign employee with a valid current work permit and works as a manager or above in the company.

Q2: As of now, must foreigners apply for a PU letter when returning to China?

A2: No, it’s not a must for all foreigners. Expats from the 36 European countries can go to their local Chinese embassy to apply for a visa directly, and there is no need for a PU letter.

Q3: Is there any restriction on the nationality of an applicant?

A3: No, there is not.

Q4:How long will it take to process a PU letter?

A4: Generally speaking, it will be about one month.

Q5: Can people re-apply for the letter if they have failed to obtain it previously?

A5: Yes, they can.

Q6: What reasons will meet the requirements of the letter application?

A6: Any of the three types of reasons as follows:

  1. For communication, visit and investigation;

  2. For commercial and trade activities;

  3. With other special and compelling reasons.

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