• Among the 132 recovered patients, the youngest patient was 19 years old while the oldest was 75.

Medical staff disinfect patients being discharged for the last time at the makeshift hospital in Dongxihu district in western Wuhan, Hubei province, on March 1. [Photo by Su Feng/]

One hundred and thirty-two patients who had recovered from novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) at Wuhan Livingroom makeshift hospital were discharged on Sunday. This is so far the largest number of patients released at one time in the city.

Among the 132 recovered patients, the youngest patient was 19 years old while the oldest was 75.

"Most patients here are with mild symptoms. I believe they can recover soon with the improvement of experience and medical instrument supply," said Zhang Cao, doctor from General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University.

A 57-year-old female patient surnamed Chen is one of the patients treated by Zhang since Feb 7.

"All medical workers are like my family members," Chen said. "I don't have words to express my sincere gratitude for them."

A letter Chen received at the exit of the hospital says: "Dear friend, you've been through struggles and pains over the past days. The virus kept us apart physically, but drew us even closer emotionally and reminds us of the days when we fought against it together. We are so happy to see you are all right again. It's our firm belief that love is the best weapon against the virus. Let's work together to welcome the spring. Best wishes!"

According to the hospital, all recovered patients came back to normal body temperature in three consecutive days. Their lung function has been restored and two consecutive nucleic acid tests show negative results.

The hospital has received 1,760 patients in total since Feb 7 and 587 of them have recovered until Sunday afternoon.

The Wuhan Livingroom makeshift hospital is one of the largest makeshift hospitals in Wuhan that mainly treats patients of novel coronavirus with mild symptom. Its 1,000 medical workers come from 14 medical teams of different areas of China.

The hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment of mobile CT, disinfection robots and P3 laboratory. It can carry out the remote diagnosis with experts from downtown.

Credit to Source: China Daily

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