After vaccination, the general public should continue to abide by the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control, bearing in mind the four measures of "wearing masks, frequent hand-washing, frequent ventilation, and less gathering," to protect their own health and that of their families.

Notice of the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic in Lucheng District (No. 11)

Regarding continuing to do a good job in normalizing epidemic prevention and control and

Speeding up the new crown vaccination work notice


In order to effectively normalize the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, accelerate the promotion of new crown vaccination, and establish the population immune barrier in Lucheng District as soon as possible, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. According to the national epidemic prevention and control work requirements, people aged 18 years and above (no household registration) in Lucheng District without contraindications for vaccination belong to the group of “should be seeded”. Those who have not yet been vaccinated are requested to present their ID cards to the vaccination sites in Lucheng District to complete the first injection before July 25 and the second injection before August 25.

2. Starting from July 15th, the district government agencies, enterprises, institutions, medical institutions, stations, elderly care institutions, schools (kindergartens, off-campus training institutions), shopping malls, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, hotels (inns), hotels, homestays, farmhouses, Banks, scenic spots, libraries, cultural centers, theaters, museums, cinemas, KTVs, Internet cafes, gyms, places of worship, venues for folk belief activities, and various office halls and other crowd gathering places will implement the "two-code joint inspection" to check health Check the new crown vaccination record (the entrance is under the Alipay health code) at the same time as the code, and register the information of those who have not been vaccinated, and mobilize them to vaccinate in time.

3. Before July 31st, all party and government agencies, cadres and employees of enterprises and public institutions and party members in the whole district must complete the entire vaccination process except for contraindications. Public service industry units assume the main responsibility of "doing all kinds of things". Units that have not achieved "all kinds of things" will be included in the key supervision of epidemic prevention and control by the industry competent department. Those who are 18 years old and above who have not been vaccinated when returning to the deer during the holiday should complete the vaccinations as soon as possible at the vaccination points in Lucheng District.

4. The organizer of large-scale gathering activities shall check the vaccination records of participants and implement the vaccination access system. Those who have not been vaccinated should not participate in the activity. If they want to participate in the activity, they must hold a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 7 days.

5. After being vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, the general public must continue to abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and keep in mind the four major measures of “wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating frequently, and gathering less” to protect the health of themselves and their families.

Notice is hereby given

New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak in Lucheng District

Prevention and Control Work Leading Group

July 12, 2021

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