Per the national civil aviation authorities and governments, four countries have issued mandatory anti-epidemic requirements for airports.

On July 2, 2020, news about the reopening of more than 40 international airports in 9 countries, including Italy, Greece, Lebanon, South Africa, Nigeria, Malta, Egypt, Maldives, and Costa Rica, was released by the Chinese mainstream civil aviation resource network, which means that international flights around the world will be further increased this month.

List of Foreign Airports Reopened in July

Below is the list of the international airports that will be reopened this month.

Anti-Epidemic Regulations

Per the national civil aviation authorities and governments, four countries namely Greece, Lebanon, South Africa, and Nigeria, have issued mandatory anti-epidemic requirements for airports. The details are as follows. Measures Adopted by Greece According to the Greek Civil Aviation Authority, all passengers arriving in Greece from June 27 to August 31 should fill out a passenger positioning form (PLF) at least 48 hours in advance before check-in, and provide information including departure airport, accommodation address and their expected length of stay. Measures Adopted by Lebanon Per the relevant Lebanese departments, all passengers arriving in Lebanon are required to purchase medical insurance for COVID-19 in advance, complete health declaration forms before departure, and carry out a nucleic acid test upon arrival at the airport.

While for Passengers in special situations, they should undergo a 72-hour self-isolation in their accommodation along with another nucleic acid test, and only those with two negative results will be freed from restriction. Besides, the inbound passenger volume in Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport is limited to about 2000. Measures Adopted by South Africa According to South Africa's Minister of Transport, leisure travel by air is still not allowed in South Africa, and the international flights are only for essential services and repatriation. Measures Adopted by Nigeria According to Nigeria's Aviation Minister, all outbound passengers must arrive at the airport for five hours in advance to conduct a COVID-19 test before taking an international flight.

After entering the airports, each piece of luggage must be disinfected. Besides, robots are used for temperature screening in airports.

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