According to the Wall Street Journal, it is said that although China has vaccinated more than 1 billion doses, due to concerns about the emergence of new variants of COVID and the impact of a series of major events such as the Winter Olympics, China may consider maintaining the current border restrictions until later of next year.

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In addition, the report mentioned that the issuance of new visas for foreigners may request China-approved vaccination and maintain a 14-day quarantine measure.

The Wall Street Journal stated that visitors to China, regardless of their nationality, will face strict requirements before travelling, including multiple medical tests and strict quarantine regulations when entering the country.

In addition, Reuters mentioned that whether it is a Chinese airline or a foreign airline, if a certain number of infected passengers are found upon arrival in China, the flight will face the risk of suspension.

Foreign Ministry of China Response

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference on June 23. During the conference, the reporter from Bloomberg asked “It is reported that due to some considerations, China is planning to maintain border restrictions under epidemic prevention and control measures for at least another year. Could you please clarify?

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian

Zhao Lijian responded: "I have no idea about the situation that you’ve mentioned.

However I want to emphasize the principle of China again :

First, since the outbreak of COVID epidemic, China has learned from the practices of many countries and international routine, and we have always been adjusting the management measures of relevant personnel entering China in accordance with the changes in the epidemic situation. Second, the current global epidemic is still spreading, and the virus is constantly mutating. China will continue to coordinate and determine various prevention and control measures based on the development of the epidemic situation and on the basis of scientific analysis.

At the same time, China is willing to actively build a healthy, safe, and orderly exchange of Chinese and foreign personnel on the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention."

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